Changes To The History Curriculum

    The History Curriculum One of the most important topics in the national curriculum, is history. This is the way that children discover about how things have happened and learn things from the past; as well as exploring the ways in which society has developed into the way that it is today. Education Secretary Michael Gove, has identified that one of the issues that children face when learning about the past, is that it is often taught in a disjointed manner. This means that they don?t fully get a chance to understand the chronology of time and different civilizations such as the Romans; the Egyptians or the Greeks. By teaching in a way that is more structured the idea is for student s to have a better way of telling between periods of time. The New History Curriculum Proposed changes to the history curriculum, suggest that changes will be made chronologically, so primary school pupils will have to learn upto 1066 and the battle of Hastings. From this point onwards, when children reach secondary school, history from the Norman conquest onwards is taught. This method is designed to bring a much more structured pattern of learning so that your pupils get a better grasp of time. Alongside this, then emphasis will also be put on key historical figures in the development of the country, figures such as Elizabeth I; Henry VIII and Queen Victoria, alongside Winston Churchill. These moves are being taken amid suggestions that the syllabus had been ?dumbed down? by removing the names of historical figures from the course. These changes come along with broader changes across the board to provide children with a more back to basics approach to all the core subjects such as English, Maths and Science and Languages. These changes are being brought in, in order to make children?s education and knowledge base better and more useful for their development. History School Trips At Educational Visits, we are aware of the importance of learning outside the classroom as a method by which to augment the school based learning. Therefore we have a range of history related school trips to suit the new History Curriculum, that also make for great fun days out. We have school trips for all ages? that can cover various topics from the Romans, to the Tudors right through the Victorian period to world war II and later twentieth century history. Our school trip attractions are a perfect supplement to classroom learning, and we can help you tailor make a trip to suit your specific requirements.