Celebrating 10 years of Emirates Spinnaker Tower with Significant Investment on the Horizon

Written by: Elmtree Press

Emirates Spinnaker Tower 10th anniversary celebrations received a boost with the news that it is to receive a substantial investment in 2016 from operating company Continuum Attractions, marking a new phase in the viewing tower’s 10 year history. The enhancements will significantly transform the experience, allowing guests to start their journey on the ground floor before heading 100 metres above sea level to enjoy the stunning panoramic vista.

Enhancements will be added to the view interpretation to help guests discover even more of the fascinating stories behind the city's 1700 year heritage. Up-to-date imagery will incorporate new features of the panoramic view including the Ben Ainslie Racing team base in Old Portsmouth, which will once again compete to win the America’s Cup World Series in July 2016. Further information about the planned product development will be released shortly. 

Emirates Spinnaker Tower is a 170 metre tall viewing tower offering guests spectacular 350° panoramic views and a different perspective on one of the most fascinating seascapes on earth. Its unique position provides incredible views stretching out for up to 23 miles over the historic harbour, the Solent and the Isle of Wight. The iconic building was built in 2005 with a striking sail design to represent Portsmouth’s naval heritage.

Emirates Spinnaker Tower is part of Continuum Attractions, where fascinating stories are brought to life in unforgettable ways. Celebrate heritage and hidden history at Continuum Heritage Attractions, immerse yourself and be amazed at Continuum Icon Attractions.

Emirates Spinnaker Tower is open daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm (excluding Christmas Day). See or call 023 9285 7520 to find out more.