Bring your class to ZSL London Zoo this winter

Written by: Elmtree Press



    ZSL - Let's Work For Wildlife










    Penguin Beach




    Calculating conservation!

    Bring your class to trial our new activity and apply KS2 maths at ZSL London Zoo. We are looking at opportunities to develop a KS2 cross-curricular session that helps students to understand how maths is applied in a real life context - using ZSL and our science conservation work as case studies. We want to hear from teachers interested in taking part in pilot sessions (including free entry for a KS2 class, up to 35 students and 5 adults).


    If you would like to be involved, please complete the survey to tell us what you would like to see in a maths session. Don't forget to include your details in the final section so we can contact you and be quick, we'll be taking the first surveys in for the pilot sessions. Please follow the link



    Living Nativity


    Living Nativity

    Take your 4-7 year old pupils on a magical living journey through the scenes of the Nativity at ZSL London Zoo on weekdays from 31 November until 16 December. Meet the Wise Men and their camels, speak to the Shepherd attending to their flock and join Santa Claus for exciting tales of his travels around the world on Christmas Eve.




    Penguin swimming


    Calling A-Level Psychology teachers

    Bring your students to our new Animal Behaviour Study session at ZSL London Zoo; they will conduct interval sampling on digital tablets to make structured observations of animal behaviour.  Book in conjunction with our Animal Learning and Intelligence session to create a study day and bring theory to life at the Zoo.