Welcome the new addition at The Deep, Hull

    The Deep is excited to welcome a new addition to the Endless Oceans tank, a male Nurse shark called Timothy, who joins us from Oceanarium Bournemouth. Timothy has been living at the Oceanarium in Bournemouth for the last 12 years, growing in size from 1 metre up to a much larger 2.5 metres! He now weighs in at 100kg (a whopping 15 stone!!) and although he is a few years younger, he measures a similar length to our female Nurse shark Tilly. Due to his large size, Oceanarium Bournemouth we keen to find a home for Timothy where he can continue to grow and The Deep?s Endless Oceans tank was a great fit. Nurse sharks have powerful crushing jaws which are filled with thousands of tiny, serrated teeth. They inhale their food then blow it out repeatedly when eating which means feeding times for Nurse sharks can be quite noisy and dramatic especially when served their favourites of mackerel and squid.? Nurse sharks are slow moving bottom dwellers and can often be found resting on the sea floor during the day, and Timothy is proving no exception. The logistics of moving a Nurse shark the size of Timothy has taken many months of preparation to ensure all went smoothly. Two months prior to his move the Oceanariums aquatic team established a training process allowing Timothy to get used to the stretcher which would be used to move him and encouraged him to enter of his own accord. He was then placed in a specialised transport tank on a lorry to transport him to The Deep. Katy Duke, Curator at The Deep continues the story: ?We are very excited to welcome Timothy to The Deep as he will be a great companion for Tilly. And who knows they may even form a breeding pair! He is settling in very well and after a few days of exploring his new surroundings, he can be found spending his time near the bottom of the tank, popping up each day for food. ? Following his journey to Hull, Timothy met Tilly last week. The introductions went well and the pair are already choosing to rest beside each other. Samantha Jux- Holderness at Oceanarium Bournemouth continues:? ?As such a prominent character in the main exhibit here, he will be missed by the team and visitors alike, however we look forward to hearing all about his progress in his new home and how lucky he proves in finding love?. For more information on The Deep click here