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Sutton Life Centre

Part movie set, part learning experience; our Life Skills Tours teach your pupils about citizenship, personal safety and the environment using the latest cinematic technology. Giant projection screens, powerful surround sound, evocative lighting and interactive elements all combine to create an immersive learning environment like no other.

 Our Life Skills Tours aim to:

  • Provide your students with key facts and information to make well informed life choices;
  • Support and enhance the delivery of your existing PSHE programme;
  • Align with the current Programme of Study and the Core Themes set by the PSHE Association;
  • Help build resilience within pupils and within schools;
  • Complement Junior Citizenship Scheme learning.

The KS2 Experience is aimed at students in Years 5 & 6, helping them to make the transition into secondary school and take on the new challenges that they will face.

The KS3 Experience is aimed at students in Years 7 & 8,

Our Life Skills Tours are delivered through four different immersive environments, each of which delivers a unique learning experience. These are: The Street Experience, The Transport Experience, The Home Experience and the Virtual Experience.

The Street Experience is an urban setting with real shop facades. This is where students will be faced with some of the dilemmas and difficult choices that growing up may throw at them, including peer pressure, alcohol and drugs misuse, street crime, gangs, knives and bullying.

The Transport Experience is designed to look like a train station. Stand well away from the edge of the platform, and you’ll learn about keeping safe on buses and trains, platform safety, personal safety, robbery, respecting fellow passengers and the impact of anti-social behaviour such as littering and graffiti.

The Home Experience is a fully fitted apartment consisting of four rooms: The Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room and Bedroom. This area covers healthy eating, fire safety and how to manage issues such as domestic violence, broken families, cyber-bullying and online friendship.

The Virtual Experience is a 360° white room which uses video, graphics, sound and lighting to recreate a range of virtual worlds from derelict buildings to the tropical rainforests. In here, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a digital immersive environment like no other, with a series of short documentaries covering topics on urban safety, including trespass on the railway, exploring derelict buildings and playing with fire. Green issues are also covered, including recycling, sustainable living, climate change and the environment.

The tours last for approximately 2 hours, and include a question and answer session with our staff and resident police officer. We can accommodate up to 100 students, and have onsite parking for coaches. We also have direct access to the M25 at Junction 8 (Reigate).




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