Beeston Castle and Woodland Park Beeston

Bring your class to Beeston Castle to explore the site’s prehistoric past or life in the medieval fortress castle. We offer two hands on Discovery Visit sessions for just £100 per class (up to 30 students). Alternatively you can lead your own educational visit for free.

KS1-3 Fortress Castle Discovery Visit
Your class will travel back in time, looking for evidence in the remains of the castle to help explore key events and form conclusions about daily life for the castle’s inhabitants. This expert-led Discovery Visit includes a hands-on session in the museum with costumes and artefacts followed by a guided tour up the hill to explore the castle remains.

KS2 Prehistoric Settlers Discovery Visit

Students will develop an understanding of some of the tools and technologies used by people in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how these changed and developed over time.  Students will also begin to understand the importance of archaeology in helping us to learn about the past. The Discovery Visit includes a hands-on activity session in the museum followed by a guided tour of this prehistoric site.