Eureka! : Chew to the Poo Workshop Tuesday 12th September - Friday 17th November

This unique workshop brings to life the workings of the human body in a way that children will never forget!

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    Specially designed for Key Stage 2 pupils, this practical session takes an in-depth look at the digestive system and how important vitamins are to our health.

    Children will follow the fascinating (and increasingly disgusting) journey that a banana and peanut butter sandwich makes as it travels through the body and out the other end!

    Why not combine your Chew to the Poo Workshop wImageith a gallery visit to All About Me – our gallery dedicated to the human body.

    Pricing Information

    Combined workshop and gallery visit – £7.25 per child Free adult places 1:5 children £6 per additional adult

    Opening Times

    We accept bookings for Tuesdays to Fridays during term time, with either a 10am – 1.30pm or 11am – 2.30pm visit. To check availability or book call us on 01422 330012.


    Eureka! The National Children's Museum Discovery Road, HX1 2NE

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