Banknote Detectives at The Bank of England Monday 24th July - Friday 1st September

Calling all Banknote detectives, the Bank of England Museum needs your help this summer! Could you tell a real banknote from a fake? Explore the Museum using your detective skills to solve the puzzles.

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    This summer the Bank of England Museum needs your help to solve the case of the mysterious banknote forger. Could you tell a real banknote from a fake?

    News has spread that a man who goes by the name of ‘Old Patch’ is forging banknotes, and they look very real. We have a drawing of the suspect, but we need your help to reveal his true identity. He was last seen sneaking around the Museum; if you’re lucky he may have left some fingerprints which could be used for evidence.

    Grab your detectives badge and use your magnifying glass to explore the Museum, looking for clues in order to solve the puzzles.
    While you’re at the Museum, there are plenty of attractions to make sure you have a fun family day out, including a banknote jigsaw, a roller ball game and the opportunity to take part in some safe cracking. You can even hold our genuine gold bar, which might take you by surprise – it weighs in at an impressive 13 kilos! Activity sheets are also available for children of all ages, with a small prize for everyone who takes part.

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    Admission and all activities are free.

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    10am to 4.30pm


    Bartholomew Lane, London, EC2R 8AH

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