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The essential school & travel guide from pre-school to higher education

The essential school & travel guide from pre-school to higher education

Educational visits is a one stop shop for exciting and inspiring school visits. Our huge range of fantastic attractions and top quality accommodation means we have something for students of any age and at any academic stage. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little inspiration, we make it easier than ever to plan an educational and unforgettable trip.

We can also create tailor made educational trips to your specification, so whether it’s key stage 2 maths or GCSE biology all you have to do is get in touch and we’ll plan, book and deliver an educational and engaging trip perfect for your students. Group rates and free teacher places are also available. Get out of the classroom today!

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July 2016

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Where Will You Go For Your Next School Trip?

21st Jul 2016

Are you wanting some inspiration for next year's school trips? Well now the summer holidays are almost here teachers will be looking forward to a well earned rest and to recharge their batteries. We know how hard you all work not just in the classroom but all the preparation and planning that goes into your lessons and of course the inevitable school trip. Here at Educational Visits UK we understand the importance of Learning Outside The Classroom it really does bring the lessons learnt in school to life. So over the next few weeks we are going to list our top destinations to visit fo...

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European-wide study led by Twycross Zoo

21st Jul 2016

Wild gorillas and chimpanzees are on the brink of extinction threatened primarily by habitat loss and poaching. At the same time, they are among our closest relatives in the animal kingdom and researchers are exploring whether great apes are also susceptible to heart disease, the most common cause of death in humans?The Ape Heart Project is a European-wide research programme led by leading primate specialists at Twycross Zoo, in collaboration with The University of Nottingham, to investigate why great apes such as chimpanzees and gorillas are prone to heart disease.Twycross Zoo CEO Dr Sharo...

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